Suave y Absorbente

Ejemplar S.A. is a company with 20 years experience in the production of absorbent cotton. The company started from the initiative of a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs taking advantage of a favorable circumstance they decided to accept the challenge of enhancing the plant.
The early days were not easy, but today is a thriving company that meets the demand of the Argentine market, is ready to export and employs a significant number of people.

The business philosophy of Ejemplar S.A. is based on making a product of the highest quality, seeking a balance between services that are exchanged with dealers and consumers. The cornerstone of its business strategy is based on: respect the marketing channel, have very competitive prices, providing friendly service, and meet and timely deliveries.

In developing of our products we use 100% natural fiber. In order to preserve the environment, the company has developed an innovative process carefully bleached without using chlorine or optical brighteners.

This process results in high quality products, high purity and smoothness, which renews and deepens steadily Ejemplar SA  commitment with society.

Tel: 054 0343 4260918 | Fax: 054 0343 4260906
Parque Industrial Gral. Belgrano Hernandarias 5030 | (3100)
Paraná, Entre Ríos. República Argentina